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American Dresser Starring Tom Berenger

Fast. It's how most things happen these days. Of course, lighting "American Dresser" with Cinematographer, Jesse Brunt, happened in the blink of an eye. A fairly tight Los Angeles unit ends up in central New York, to make a motorcycle movie with heart. An intimate adult drama with an interesting cast. Tom Berenger, Keith David, Penelope Ann Miller, and Bruce Dern. I'm simply grateful to have been there to lend my own personal brand of movie magic. Fortunately for the production, the usual suspects Gonzo first AC, Kevin Hughes, and Key Grip, Jesse Curl, were both out on bail, and available to help steer the ship. Sometimes, I think the characters working behind the characters in the story and on the screen, are just as compelling, if not even more so. We met some vibrant local crew up in the Syracuse, New York area, and I think we left them all feeling more confident about making movies.

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