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Men and Materials; Indonesia 2015

My first overseas tour of duty is complete after 4 weeks in Batam, Indonesia!!

No prep for me and limited materials made this an uphill climb. Mostly stage work, with some backlot and exterior work, 'Beyond Skyline' was challenging to say the least.

Production was building 6 or 7 stages at once, and of course began jumping from one set to the next. Without enough cable and equipment on the island, staying ahead of them was nearly impossible. I won't go on and on about the difficulties, but I can say while being vfx heavy, the look of the movie is promising.

The local crew in Indonesia is amazing! There is of course a 'real' language barrier to overcome, making communication a vital asset. What these guy's accomplished with a limited supply of crude materials is astounding. Many of the crew were certainly experienced, rigging on Hollywood movies such as 'Eat Pray Love' as well as many foreign market films and commercials.

I'm proud to have worked with such a hardworking crew and the experience is one I won't soon forget.

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