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Electricity is neutral. It doesn't want to kill you, but it will if you give it a chance.

- Hunter S. Thompson

Growing up in Portland, OR, music first captured Christopher's spirit and led him to vocational training to pursue a career as both a musician and recording engineer.


In 2005, inspired by the unusually conceived and expertly photographed films of Oliver Stone, the desire to work in film production became evident and he began working as a freelance grip and lighting technician in Hollywood.  


Years of hard work and persistence have led to countless opportunities to practice a very demanding trade working with diverse Locations, Crew, Trucks, Stages, Rigging, Generators, Cabling and Electrical Power Distribution.

Some of his most recent work includes the *Oscar Winning Short Film; "Two Distant Strangers" and "What Drives Us" the New Music Documentary Directed by Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters. 


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