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What a year it's been, so far!

Big thank you to Devin Dehaven @AXSTV Network for the amazing opportunities. The "Tom Green Live" show is rolling right along and a new season starts in June! Big ups to my man, Jesse Curl, for holding it down with me and providing better contacts and networking opportunities.

In January, producer Justin Bursch, and Cinematographer Zoran Popovic, brought me on board for a stylish little sci fi film simply titled, "Circle." I met and worked with Lighting Designer, Matt Ardine, for the first time, and was able to work with the Grand MA Lighting Console.

In February and March, I had an opportunity to work with award winning Cinematographer, Kenneth Yeung, lighting a Tawainese/American Feature Film. Big thank you to Ken, and the guys on the crew who made it happen!

This weekend, I'll be lighting the AXSTV Broadcast stage set from the "Stagecoach Music Festival" in Indio, CA and I'll post some pics here next week!

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